State organization is born from traffic form

Japanese historian Michihisa Hotate said. “The national organization is born out of the form of traffic, that is, it was born from the” road “connecting the center and the province.
There’s much truth in what he said.  Even in modern politics, it is better to more carefully understand the reasons why attracting and constructing roads and bullet trains will end up being so hot.
The road is necessary. High-speed railway is also necessary. But the theory that you are not saying that will be born from there.
Well, interest is not there. It is a question of that viewpoint of seeing history, and it is a problem of “traffic” which the folklore studies as a whole have underestimated.
When tracing the current interest of Okuizumo village juku, Saiki’s history of Okuizumo, Ayo of the present Daito, the way leading to the current Hippo (Kisuki), the way leading to Sajiro (Okuizumo) It should be seen from the name of a mountain described in Fudoki, the name of a valley.


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